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Shanghai Your Choice Decoration Co.,Ltd---Total solution Integrator:providing product development, design, manufacture and installation services.

We are the :

First partition system manufacturer in China   

First interior decoration company with original design ability and strong R&D in China

First company developed and produced the partition system for all kinds of space in China

First company invented and applied the technology of mechanical installation in China   

First interior decoration company realized industrial production and assembly construction for the entire building

Yourgood has abundant and practical experience on assembling the entire business buildings, including, lobby, elevator hall, core tube, corridor, toilet, partition wall, etc.

We involved in the entire project process ,from product development, designing, manufacturing to installation.

When project starts, Yourgood will provide support on industrial design for designer according to overall purpose of the project, in order to apply or even deepen the idea of

the design for creating excellent space environment.

We have established sophisticated industrial processes: from project positioning, space planning, industrial designing, automated production, automated transportation,

modular assembly ,furniture selection, shaping an authentic operation mode for the building, etc.

By applying the advanced HPH automatic material calculating system, Enterprise resource planning system, Project management system to achieve the goal on time control,

quality control and cost control, to upgrade the project and makes the project unique with the best cost performance.

Total Solution System Integrator  

Customized service for

featured industries

Customize exclusive functional space for

projects in various industries, such as bank,

airport, hospital, hotel, etc

Space service for whole building

Project positioning, space planning,

product customization

Industrial design, automated production,

mechanized construction

Old building renovation service   

No dust, noise, no electric welding and

harmful gas in construction

No open flame in construction, which is

quite eco-conscious and will not disturb

residents around

Office space partition service

Can mix and match different panel materials for

decoration, such as glass panel, marble panel,

metal plate, etc

Combines with the function of product, makes the

office to be an applied and creative space

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